Use of ALPET® in the aluminium window profile independent of the installation parts

Fig. 1: Standard window without ALPET®

Fig. 2: ALPET® with a flag and T. The flag divides the cavity and reduces air convection, which leads to energy savings and lower heating costs.

Fig. 3: ALPET® cavity filled. No insulating inserts must be installed, which means that work steps can be saved. Different profile widths can be realised with the same ALPET®.

Fig. 4: ALPET® without classic vulcanised centre seal, thus faster and therefore cheaper production. Possibility of very individual cross-section.

Fig. 5: ALPET® with classic vulcanised centre seal. This means that existing insulation bars can be replaced without any problems. With improved U-value.

Fig. 6: ALPET® with flag, T and top profile without classic vulcanised centre seal.