Technical specifications


The economical construction of ALPET®

With the sandwich construction method, we process the insulating structural foam core based on PET and encase it in glass-fibre reinforced, semi-crystalline thermoplastic.

Empty spaces are replaced by a foam with microscopically small air chambers.

In a continuous manufacturing process, the sheathing, including dovetail connectors or grooves/flags are produced extremely economically around the foam core.

Effects in case of shear load

The following figures show the investigation of stresses in different ALPET® cross-sections. They are below the values specified in the standard. Figure 20 shows the occurring stress according to Mises under tension.

Fig. 17: FEM calculations cross-section 1

Fig. 18: FEM calculations cross-section 2

Fig. 19: FEM calculations cross-section 3

Fig. 20: FEM calculations cross-section 4

Worth knowing

Verifications and suitability tests by ift Rosenheim:

Fire behaviour (Nr. 20-001273-PR01)
Mechanical performance (Nr. 20-001273-PR04)
Thermal insulation (Nr. 20-001273-PR05)