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Thermal conductivity value


Improved heat flow through ALPET®

The following illustrations show how the heat flow is significantly improved by ALPET®. This leads to energy savings and lower heating costs.

Unmatched deep thermal insulation of standard windows with ALPET®.

Standard window without ALPET®

Heat flow - aluminium window without ALPET®

Standard window with ALPET®

Heat flow - aluminium window with ALPET®

Improved isothermal curve due to ALPET®

In the following illustrations, you can see how the isothermal curve is significantly improved by ALPET®, which leads to an increase in the quality of the window.

Insert window without ALPET®

Isothermal curve - insert window without ALPET®

Insert window with ALPET®

Isotherm curve - insert window with ALPET®

Thermal conductivity insulation bar

Reference values:
ALPET® bar width 5 mm - 0.105 W/mK
ALPET® bar width 8 mm - 0.080 W/mK