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What are composites?

Composite materials are composed of at least two components to achieve specific properties. A composite material usually consists of a matrix combined with reinforcing materials to increase its strength and durability. Extruded composite profiles have been used successfully in the aerospace industry since the 1970s and have also become established in the construction and industrial sectors due to their versatility and excellent properties. 

What are the advantages of composite profiles?

Composite profiles made of plastics and reinforcing materials such as glass or carbon fibers are more resilient, lighter, more corrosion resistant, more durable and more environmentally friendly than metal or pure plastic profiles. They offer flexible design options, are ideal for many applications and provide high strength with low weight. 

What are the advantages of composite profiles in the construction sector?

In the construction sector, there are numerous advantages to using composite profiles over metal or wood profiles. 

The most important advantages: 

  • Composite profiles have good thermal insulation properties and can therefore reduce energy consumption in buildings.
  • They are recyclable and can be made from sustainable raw materials, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.
  • Composite profiles are lighter than metal or wood profiles, which facilitates handling and installation on the construction site and reduces transportation costs.
  • Cross-section and stiffness can be adjusted to meet needs.
  • They are also more resistant to fatigue fractures and cracking.
  • The profiles are maintenance-free and do not require extensive corrosion protection measures. 
Your advantages with ALPET® composite profiles

Our extruded composite profiles with a recycled PET core are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional building profiles. They have a more favorable carbon footprint, are 100% recyclable and durable. With them, you can save costs and actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. 

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