Innovative applications

Composite profiles open new possibilities

With the sandwich construction method, the two materials are combined to form a composite material.

In our composite profiles, the insulating foam core made from recycled PET is wrapped with glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic. The wrapping is done in a continuous manufacturing process and is therefore economically attractive.

Our composite profile opens new, uncharted perspectives. From our customers we are constantly discovering new possibilities for use and processing.

  • frame widening in window and door construction
  • weather-resistant substructures
  • profiles with groove and comb
  • etc.

The profiles are processed with standard wood, plastic, or metal construction tools.

Composite profile possibilities:

Industry, electrical, construction, logistics and design - several sectors benefit from the considerable variety of applications of our revolutionary solution. Our new, innovative material offers unique design freedom for complex geometries.

Our composite profiles offer a wide range of advantages over conventional materials:

  • high load-bearing capacity with lowest net weight
  • electrical and thermal insulation (up to 3x lower thermal conductivity values)
  • weatherproof
  • resistant to aggressive chemicals and corrosion
  • good price-performance ratio due to continuous manufacturing process
  • local raw material sourcing and short transport routes for a healthy environment