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Technical specifications


The economical construction of composite profiles

With the sandwich construction method, we process the insulating structural foam core based on PET and encase it in glass-fibre reinforced, semi-crystalline thermoplastic.

Empty spaces are replaced by a foam with microscopically small air chambers.


Unique physical properties
  • unrivalled low thermal conductivity
  • electrical insulation properties
  • very light with high stiffness and stability
  • temperature resistant up to 200°C for several minutes
Resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Prepas 130-720 Prelitin 750-200
  • Singoli Citrus Power Cleaner
  • KABE Paints Universal Thinner 5119
  • KABE Colours Turpentine Substitute
  • White GOSMO HD-100.411/412
  • IBZ S-150 Isopropyl alcohol (substrate cleaner)
  • Bider Hauser Microdosing Spray Oil
  • Wieds Demysol 2012
  • Ateco Tobler (diluted sulphuric acid)
  • Ateco Tobler descaling aluminium
  • Ateco Tobler pickling bath (diluted nitric acid and aluminium)
  • Precap 950-006
  • Esco 2-component aluminium adhesive

Worth knowing

Fire behaviour

DIN EN 13505-1, Class E

Ageing behaviour tested

The ageing behaviour was extrapolated according to advanced scientific methods.
(stepped isostress tests)


Innovation project supported by:


Basic research and development by:


Verifications and suitability tests by

Fire behaviour (Nr. 20-001273-PR01)
Mechanical performance (Nr. 20-001273-PR04)
Thermal insulation (Nr. 20-001273-PR05)