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Innovative applications

We go one step further and combine an insulating foam core made from recycled PET bottles with glass-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic, opening up new and innovative perspectives.

Our customers have already told us about numerous application and processing possibilities that have not yet been recognized. We are proud that our products are helping to push the boundaries of traditional material processing and create new opportunities for future projects.

Machining is done with ordinary tools of wood or aluminum processing, and the long service life for decades is scientifically extrapolated.

Fittings etc. can be screwed directly into our ALPET® window profile.

ALPET® window profiles are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, cleaning and processing agents. Therefore, it is ideal for the powder coating or anodizing process. The window profiles can be easily wet painted in any RAL or NCS color.

Use of ALPET® in wood-metal windows

Wood-metal window
Bottom profile made of ALPET®. It is rot-resistant and at the same time offers improved insulation.

ALPET® wood-metal windows. ALPET® can also improve the U-value of wood-metal constructions.

Use of ALPET® in the PVC window as a static insert

Static reinforcement. This allows for larger constructions with lower thermal conductivity for PVC windows.

Frame extension with sheet metal

Frame extensions adapted to the geometry of the profiles with a U-value 0.60 W/m2K at a thickness of 70mm

Can also be used as a rot-resistant finish in the plinth area

More Applications

Further applications of ALPET® for aluminum window profiles can be found in the ALPET® insulation bar tab.

Further applications of ALPET® for industry, construction and logistics can be found in the composite profiles tab.