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Circular Economy

Sustainability in values and philosophy

Upcycling (recycling with material upgrading) or urban mining (our region as a raw material mine) are not just great buzzwords for us, but we also implement the concepts behind them. We are in the process of obtaining Cradle to Cradle certification. Because it is not only the first use of the raw material in the foreground, but also the application afterwards.

Recycled PET comes out on top in terms of CO2-emissions.

CO2-emissions of recycled PET in comparison to competitor materials
Reference: recycled PET = 100%

PUR =   Polyurethane
PVC =   Polyvinyl chloride
SAN =   Styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer
XPS =   Extruded polystyrene

Patent process technology with CO₂-emissions

The use of 100% recycled PET as a raw material base for our foam products leads to significant savings in CO2-emissions.

From old to new: «Upcycling» of PET bottles

The ALPET® foam core is made from used PET bottles - with up to 3x lower thermal conductivity values!

In close cooperation with scientists from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), we at Hochuli Advanced AG developed the innovative ALPET® insulating core. Innosuisse also supported this project.

As a composition with the aluminium, the ALPET® insulating web withstands wet paint, anodising and powder coating processes up to 200°C. The service life of the new material was scientifically tested and extrapolated over decades (stepped isostress tests).

The idea of individual "composite profiles" was derived from this. The foam core of these revolutionary profiles is made of 100% recycled PET. They are encased in glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic. The service life of the visionary material has been scientifically tested and its long-term stability confirmed (stepped-isostress tests).

ALPET® insulation bars can easily be recycled and returned to the cycle (urban mining).


For the day after tomorrow:

The shell and core material can be 100% recycled or reprocessed together.

The insulating foam core of ALPET® is made from 100% recycled PET as the starting raw material.