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The ALPET® insulation bars for window construction

For window, door, and facade construction. Made from recycled PET bottles at the core.
  • Sustainable insulation profiles for window, door, and facade construction
  • POWER with lowest thermal conductivity
  • ecologically sustainable made from recycled PET bottles
  • rot-proof and chemically robust
  • low weight and high mechanical strength
POWER window profiles with ALPET® technology

With the innovative window profiles, you can achieve previously unattainable values and do something good for the environment at the same time. By recycling and upcycling PET bottles, valuable material is reused and used in our high-quality products. By using composite profiles, you can also achieve significant savings in CO2 emissions, as the foam core results in weight savings for windows, fixed glazing, and other constructions.

The new ALPET® window profiles can also be used to produce static inserts and combine different materials such as continuous fibers and steel. The stiffness of the profiles can be influenced by changing the profile heights and increasing the size of the reinforcement chamber is possible without reducing the Uf value. The production process is thus simplified, and an improvement in Uf values leads to energy savings for the end customer.

Expert advice from Hochuli Advanced AG

Our specialists develop the composite profiles customer specific. Geometry, width, depth, grooves and bars are adapted to the structural requirements. We support you through the entire process.

Together with you, we plan the optimum cross-section for your application and implement it by means of composite construction. Through this process the construction meets the mechanical and physical requirements.

Customer discussions show that extruded composite profiles are in demand in industry and can also be used extensively. In addition to supporting projects in industry and design, we are further developing the product scientifically, with a focus on application and processing possibilities.

We continue to develop!
  • Further development of ALPET® as an insulating web in different cross-sections
  • New sandwich construction method, protected by three patents
  • Coextrusion of new profiles
  • Cradle-to-Cradle certification of the insulation bars
  • Optimisation of welding processes to increase economic efficiency