Innovative applications

The ALPET® insulation bar for high-end windows is a radical innovation. ALPET® offers much lower thermal conductivity compared to conventional plastic bars while meeting all thermomechanical requirements.

The changeover to ALPET® takes place without any restrictions, the cross-section can be designed differently. The choice of the standardised roll-in head also allows the existing
roll-in process to be retained. The aluminium window frame profiles are produced with the existing process.

The profiles can be processed with the existing wood or metal construction tools.

Fittings etc. can be screwed directly into our ALPET® profile.

ALPET® is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, cleaning, and processing agents. Therefore, the material is ideal for powder coating or anodising.

The requirements of the most common industrial standards were easily met and, in most cases, exceeded. Hochuli Advanced AG therefore went one step further. Extended scientific
tests were carried out and types of failure not shown in the common standards were investigated and documented.

Use of ALPET® in the:
Frame widening with composite profile and very good insulation value

Fig. 13: Frame widenings adapted to the geometry of the profiles with an U-value of 0.60 W/m2K at a thickness of 70 mm.

Thanks to the composite construction, a flexible cross-section can be practically implemented. The new profile geometries allow the reduction of aluminium (improved thermal insulation).

Thanks to the enlarged cross-sections, our customers can carry out bonding and sealing on windows and sash frames in a more controlled manner and thus achieve a new, better final

The hollow chambers of the profiles are filled with the ALPET® insulating bar. The use of inserts becomes unnecessary. Quality assurance is increased, work steps are eliminated and
thus production costs are also reduced.

New geometries reinterpret the classic, vulcanised centre seal. This is replaced by an EPDM seal, sold by the metre. The delivery time is reduced, and the production costs decrease.

The lambda values of the materials are clearly specified, and the Uf-calculations can be carried out uniformly using the radiosity method.

The new ALPET® insulating bar revolutionises the market and opens new possibilities:

  • new profile systems

  • greater choice for object profiles

  • profile extensions with very good insulation values

  • interchangeable profiles with better insulation values

  • insert profiles with lower aluminium content

Thermal behaviour checked

The thermal effects were checked with the FEM programme. The occurring stresses are below the permissible value, the requirement according to the standard is fulfilled by far.

Shear strength ALPET® (EN 14024)
Transverse tensile strength ALPET® (EN 14024)