Processing possibilities


Unproblematic surface treatment

When our composite profiles are integrated as a fixed component in an aluminum construction, the composition as a unit can be powder-coated or anodised.

The effects of these coating methods on the material have been scientifically verified and are unproblematic. Compatibility and resistance to chemicals are also given.

In the case of constructions made of pure composite profiles, coloration by wet paint is possible.

Versatile bonding options

  • good adhesive properties
  • very suitable for welding
  • screw connection
  • tongue and groove joint

Easily weldable ...

The composite profiles can be joined together very well and permanently by bead welding or heated mirror welding, among other methods.

... and stress tested

Welding allows various lightweight constructions or frames to be realized for different applications. The welded joints can withstand large loads without any problems.


Resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Prepas 130-720 Prelitin 750-200
  • Singoli Citrus Power Cleaner
  • KABE Paints Universal Thinner 5119
  • KABE Colours Turpentine Substitute
  • White GOSMO HD-100.411/412
  • IBZ S-150 Isopropyl alcohol (substrate cleaner)
  • Bider Hauser Microdosing Spray Oil
  • Wieds Demysol 2012
  • Ateco Tobler (diluted sulphuric acid)
  • Ateco Tobler descaling aluminium
  • Ateco Tobler pickling bath (diluted nitric acid and aluminium)
  • Precap 950-006
  • Esco 2-component aluminium adhesive