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The ALPET® insulation bar

for window, door and facade construction. Made from recycled PET bottles at the core.
  • sustainable insulation profiles for window, door and facade construction
    (aluminium, wood-metal, plastic)
  • POWER with lowest thermal conductivity
  • ecologically sustainable made of PET
  • retrofittable for all profiles
The power bar for your windows - the ALPET® insulation bar

Insulation bars are inserted inside aluminium, wood-metal and PVC windows or facade glazing - as thermal separators between the outside and inside, because otherwise heat would flow uncontrolled through the profile. The insulating bar becomes even more important with the need to reduce CO2 emissions.

Our ALPET® insulating bar is revolutionising the market. The highlight of this development: Inside the glass fibre reinforced plastic is a foam core made of recycled PET bottles. The many air pores in this layer insulate efficiently: the thermal conductivity is far lower than with a standard insulating bar made of conventional materials and significantly lower than that of common high-end products.

We continue to develop!
  • Further development of ALPET® as an insulating web in different cross-sections
  • New sandwich construction method, protected by three patents
  • Coextrusion of new profiles
  • Cradle-to-Cradle certification of the insulation bars
  • Optimisation of welding processes to increase economic efficiency