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insulation bar

for window, door and facade construction


for industry and design


For window, door, and facade construction.

Profile scientifically developed over many years

  • Product development with the support of material scientists, engineers, physicists, selected industrial partners and the scientific project partner Empa

  • Engineering from conception to development

  • Specialised personnel with many years of experience

  • Innovative production of prototypes and series in own production

  • Your competent partner

The insulation bar has been put trough its paces
Improved energy balance

In Switzerland, the Energy Efficiency Ordinance (EnEV) applies nationwide. During global efforts to save energy and protect the climate, all European countries have formulated energy
standards for their buildings and set certain U-values as limits in them. With ALPET® we are reaching a new level of development and setting a new standard in terms of thermal performance. We offer a wide range of cross-sections for different applications. With our product, the U-values are significantly improved, which has a direct effect on the energy balance.

The sheathing process